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Ruché Connoisseurs' Club
The "Cultori del Ruchè" " (Ruché Connoisseurs' Club) was the idea of Franco Morando who wanted to integrate Ruché into a local cultural setting and anchor it to its roots. The aim is to make the experience of wine tasting not only an act in and of itself but an effective means for attracting good company, promoting art and culture and celebrating the passion for fine wines. It is an indirect means of selecting the real aficionados and standing next to the strong threesome "wine-cuisine-culture".

The distinctive characteristic of this club lies in its ongoing search for quality and respect for the tastes and impressions of our fellows.

We firmly and daily believe in the great potential of a wine which, as one doyen of enology wrote "... never betrays you" and can be associated with boundless cultural experiences.

This club will also be a place for exchanging information, cultivation (in all of its connotations), an expressing our great passion for the world of wine. It will give you the opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with Monferrato and its land which teems with mystery and ardor.

"Semplicemente" is the newsletter that will keep members constantly updated on events planned by Montalbera.

Anyone who shares these ideals of qualitative excellence in wine, food and art can become a member of the Association.

When you join "Cultori del Ruché" you will receive a membership card that will allow you to: learn about and participate in the initiatives planned by Montalbera - Terra del Ruché throughout Italy and abroad (guided wine tasting and seminars in the winery, tasting new vintages at Vinitaly-Vinexpo-Mwf-SenseofWine and other oenological events, open wineries, courses for learning the basics of wine and, last but not least, art exhibitions and book presentations). You will also receive our newsletter.

It is easy to become a member of "Cultori del Ruché" and totally free of charge. All you have to do is fill out the registration form. For any requests or clarifications, just contact us directly by e-mail at
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