Montalbera Ruche' Filosofia
Franco Morando speaks for himself and his company.
The philosophy behind ruché made exclusively by Montalbera
We firmly believed in the great intrinsic wealth of this native wine when others did not even know it existed. Our first goal was to study to create a product in the forefront of the wine world that would nonetheless remain faithful to the traditions of the area where it grows and the typical age-old characteristics of Ruché. By using cutting-edge production methods, completely refurbishing the winery which the operators of the sector refer to as the "steel cathedral", we were able to extrapolate the best qualities offered by Ruché. This wine certainly merges considerable accessibility with a complexity of structure that is difficult to find in other wines of this region. The best description is "a wine with character", impossible to mistake it for any other wine because of its enjoyable floral hints of rose and violet and the fruity notes of apricot. In mid-palate it is convincing for its great softness, elegance and the sense of intimacy with the consumer who in some cases does not perceive the great structure but only the refinement of the fruity flavors, sometimes exotic that evolve in time to sometimes even become spicy. Substantially it is a wine that is suitable for an infinite variety of moments and dining combinations and this is why it is so appreciated by women who feel Ruché is the highest enological expression of all Piedmontese red wines.

There are no actual secrets to achieving this outcome, but the sustained commitment in the recent past to understand and delve into the peculiar characteristics of this important vine has started to yield results. Approaching this wine with humility has favored its continuous growth because of its qualities. The result we obtained is the concrete combination of theories (sometimes audacious), meticulous processes in the vineyard, low density of vines per planted hectare, differentiated harvest in order to produce selections. The rest has been done by revisiting, but not overturning, the traditional vinification methods for red wine, using state-of-the-art oenological techniques that substantially conform to the latest studies.

But that's not enough, and it should not be enough!!! One must try new ways and not "sit" on one's laurels. Consequently the most advanced scientific research which started to appear some time ago, with terminology and analyses that till now have only appeared in certain types of films from across the ocean: genetic research.

In this arena too we plan to be second to none. Consequently we have already concluded our studies of plant DNA, particularly that of Ruché. This research opened new horizons and pathways and at the same time created a system that is practically infallible for recognizing the genetic matrix of this priceless wine.

Perhaps it really is a love of this wine... or maybe professionalism is not a coincidence. But Montalbera wishes to go beyond national borders to make this native wine known throughout the oenological world. Moreover we would like to bring the experience we have acquired to all the consumers who make wine drinking a convivial experience but also a topic for study and in-depth knowledge.

To see Ruché on all the tables of the world is not only a business goal, but also allegiance to the winegrowing world of Monferrato, which deserves more attention than it has received till now. These are the goals we want to achieve, the foundations of which lie in the hard work of so many people who for numerous generations have connected their name, efforts and origins to the vineyards of the entire Monferrato area. For me, all of this is passion as well as entertainment...
And then there is all the rest of the "project", that is beginning to work superbly. The award of D.O.C.G. status with the 2010 vintage is yet further recognition of the quality and skill that every producer dedicates every day to Ruchè. As the "founding father" Montalbera, is especially honoured by such success and its commitment will always be more meaningful and constant to ensure valorisation of this native grape on a national and international scale.
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