Montalbera Ruche'
Franco Morando speaks for himself and his company.
Ruché, as repeatedly underscored, is a wine of great freshness and accessibility (in the Traditional Wines), associated with a good big structure based on the vinification and harvesting techniques adopted. Historically, this description has led tasters to believe it is a "ready-to-drink" wine.

In any event, it is recommended to open the bottle well in advance, since the volatile components of the bouquet, locked in an environment almost completely devoid of oxygen, need air to exhale. However, at the same time, they can quickly disappear. Uncorking a bottle too early would be counterproductive because you run the risk of losing many, or at least some, of the aromas and hints typical of this rare native. For the Traditional Wines about 30 minutes before serving is sufficient, while the Selected Wines might need as much as one hour before serving. This is especially true in cases of the wines from over-ripe harvests; from steep bricchi with clay-limestone soil; or prolonged aging in wood.

I would advise against decanting in a carafe, except for vintages aged more than 10 years in the bottle because, as is well known, the so-called "lees" could form, i.e. a deposit often attached to the glass of the bottle due to iron content. As we know, dregs are a natural phenomenon caused by the solidification of certain components, so there is reason to worry (this happened especially in old vintages but today it is unlikely to occur with modern winemaking techniques and applying the concept of cold to stabilize the wine). In this case we suggest careful decanting or using a tilted basket.

For serving, always use glasses with a wide bowl, whether tulip-shaped (Piedmont glass) or the international balloon glass. In any event the wine glass, as it is called in common parlance, must be the classic shape of an inverted bell with the bowl sweeping outward to allow the big fragrances to emerge properly.

Ruché by established tradition also keeps very well in an open bottle. After opening a bottle, it is customary to recork it and drink it the next few days. In fact you will find the same distinctive qualities of the wine intact. This proves that Ruché withstands oxidation.

The serving temperature is another frequent topic of discussion. In the past, the temperatures preferred for red wines were too high (20-22 degrees Celsius). This caused explosions of spirituousness and floral notes that were too invasive. Today I recommend lower temperatures, even as low as 16°C. The so-called room temperature of about 18°C degrees would be the best compromise.
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