Montalbera Ruche' La Vendemmia
Franco Morando speaks for himself and his company.
Vintage time
The grape harvest is not only a time of picking grapes for vinification - it is much more than that. It is the perfect moment in which you can see the results of an entire year of labor. The mere act of skillfully picking the grapes from the vine shoots will influence the quality of the wine obtained in the winery.

Careful pruning during the previous autumn; leaving the right number of buds on the head; observing the natural vegetative phase of the vine in the attempt to obtain the highest possible quality; "thinning out the bunches in the early months of summer" and then "tending to the soil and treating it for proper viticulture": all these things bear fruit and tangible results during the grape harvest. 90% of the wine quality is achieved in the vineyard with attention to and respect for nature...

This is why in Castagnole Monferrato the grape harvest has always been a celebration, with singing and merriment for the entire town. A magical moment of enchantment characterized by a mysterious harmony that used to bring elders, youth and children to harvest what the land produced under the wise control of human knowledge. Weather conditions, the shape, size and quality in general of the fruit that the vineyard produced were always important topics of discussion during the grape harvest season.

During the grape harvest in Montalbera, considering the vast expanse of is vineyards, there are over 50 qualified workers and professionals who work constantly to obtain the best results and complete the masterful harvest as rapidly as possible to get a uniform quality of grapes. It is not rare for us to go through the vineyards again and again to pick only the clusters that are perfectly ripe, suitable for making a particular type of wine or blend of grapes (spot picking).

"If you want to drink a good wine, buy a vineyard". These were the words of a doyen of Piedmontese enology. And how right he is! (Luigi Veronelli)

"The smells of September" once again, amidst the scorching sun and rapid clouds, I can smell the soft delicate fragrance of almond blossoms which run across the fields, already naked, and reach the town, effervescing. The vats full, the bottles waiting. I can already see its color, taste its flavor, fine, subtle, warm and velvety... pleasurable and teaseing… sweet and then bitter. It is like enjoying a sound, the blues with the vocals that slip into and penetrate your heart." (Franco Morando).
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