Montalbera Vini
Respect for the region and its people
The world of wine is undergoing many changes. One thing remains, however, and that is the passion that inspires the taste for excellence common to all wine lovers. "Taste for excellence" have always been operative words at Azienda Montalbera.

Wine is - first and foremost - a product of the land, one of its most noble and challenging fruits. Without the experience and skill of men and women who work judiciously everyday in the vineyard, without their astuteness and passion, wine would probably have lost its allure and significance by now.

It should always be remembered that this symphony of fragrances, this enchantment of flavors, this miracle of harmony are the fruit of painstaking, meticulous, stubborn work. Every individual talent and professional know-how has to be mustered every step of the way. We are ancient connoisseurs of the native Ruché.

Beyond revolutions, evolutions, the disappearance and rebirth of various wines, we have great certainty that our beloved Ruché is a delight worthy of Kings. Today it is fortunately accessible to large domestic and international groups. We can never be happy enough to see an increase in the number of wine aficionados and connoisseurs won over to the cause of flavor and pleasure. We hope you recognize each other when you meet.

In the following pages we would like to present the interpretation of wine according to the production philosophy of Montalbera:
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