Vi aspettiamo ai TREBICCHIERI a Dusseldorf - 18 Marzo

Vi aspettiamo ai TREBICCHIERI a Dusseldorf - 18 Marzo

Tre Bicchieri® World Tour is the main series of events dedicated to presenting the best Italian wines. Launched in 1988, along with the first Gambero Rosso guide to Italian wine, Vini d’italia, it has been expanding in recent years. Today the TreBicchieri World Tour reaches not only several States in America, but also Germany, Canada, China and this year also Moscow, all important destination for the exports of Italian wine.The success of these events has definitively contributed in establishing the Gambero Rosso brand and the authority of the Vini d'Italia guide book worldwide. The first date of 2016 is the most important one. Gambero Rosso celebrates its 30th birthday this year with a visit to its first international home, Munich. In fact, this city was the first stop abroad in what would rapidly become a world tour with over 30 annual events.


With the help of the fantastic 2015 harvest, the Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato d.o.c.g. conquers the Tre Bicchieri (three glasses) grade, thanks to Montalbera, its flagstaff producer, that “soars in excellence” above all its contenders with its label Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato DOCG LA TRADIZIONE, conquering the prestigious TRE BICCHIERI and bringing the wine name down to history.

“It is with immense pleasure that we receive this extremely important recognition” – states Franco Morando, “The TRE BICCHIERI ROSSI are an earned result that arrives after almost a decade of wait, and that prizes all of us for the daily work, passion, and dedication to Piedmont’s wine world, and particularly on the continuous quality development of the Ruchè vineyards. The admirable quality consistency, the professionality and the constant research and evolution of the native Ruchè wine has brought us to become the #1 producers of Ruchè to be awarded the “three glasses”. We are proud to be ambassadors of Ruchè in the world”.


The Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato, rare native wine of the Piedmont region, is produced in a limited area of the Monferrato and Asti districts, in only seven towns, with the leader of the pack being Castagnole Monferrato that stands out for its hills kissed by the sun. Calcareous, dry lands that make the territory ideal for cultivation of this precious native fruit.

From time immemorial only present in the Asti area, the wine is by all means native of Asti. In 2010 the DOCG (controlled and guaranteed designation of origin) appellation was assigned to it, in further recognition of the high quality of this rare native wine.


Ruchè DOCG La Tradizione 2015

La Tradizione 2015is a rare native wine of Piedmont, 100% naturally processed. It has a flashy red color with purplish reflections in its youth, tending towards maroon when aged. Aromatic with unique notes of rose and red fruit, and a fascinating spicy note of pepper; on the palate it is rich in pulp, with a long strong finish and a familiar softness. Harmony and elegance, as well as structure, united by a balance of infinite pleasure.