The Ruchè from Castagnole Monferrato DOCG is a wine with an unmistakable character; the pleasant floral hints of rose and violet, the fruity notes of apricot and the spiciness that comes with evolution make it immediately recognizable in the glass. The origin of this fascinating variety is still shrouded in mystery, as is the etymology of its name. What is certain is that in the extraordinary Monferrato terroir this variety found its land of choice which allows it to best express its unique and fascinating characteristics. The rebirth of Ruchè is due to an enlightened priest, Don Giacomo Cauda, who is credited with rediscovering this vine which was in danger of disappearing. Arriving in Castagnole Monferrato at the end of the seventies, Don Cauda found 10 Ruchè rows as a “parish benefit”. Impressed by the characteristics of the grape, he became passionate and fell in love with its qualities to the point that he began to plant this variety again and encourage winemakers to do the same. The history of Ruchè as we know it today began here. Then in 1987 arrived the recognition of the DOC, and in 2010 the one of the DOCG.