The hazelnut harvest takes place between the second half of August and the first of September when the fruits detach spontaneously from the plant. It is carried out on several occasions to prevent deterioration and guarantee the quality of the fruit. Subsequently, the fruits are put to dry on a paved area, being careful to protect them from humidity. The product is then stored in a closed and ventilated room, where the hazelnuts are placed in successive layers of modest thickness. The Nocciola del Piemonte PGI is mainly used in the confectionery industry for the preparation of creams, cakes, ice creams or as an ingredient in the typical Piedmontese chocolate, the gianduiotto, and in the characteristic Christmas nougat, where the hazelnut is the key ingredient and expresses at best its characteristics. Montalbera with its hazelnuts is a supplier of the best and most representative international confectionery masters.