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Spumante Brut

Cuvée Rosé

 Cuvée Rosé

The “bubble” brut rosé signed Montalbera. Conceived for the most discerning palates, fresh, velvety and floral.
Cuvée Rosé are obtained by refermenting pure Grignolino d’Asti that has been vinified in a unique and pioneering
The sparkling wine produced in the autoclave with the method invented by Martinotti (Director of the Royal
Oenology Department in Asti in the early 1900s), today known as the Charmat method (lasting more than six months) has given this elegant “brut” features of great seducer of senses, intense and fresh as rose petal picked in the early morning.
Distinct fragrance of strawberry pulp and raspberry.
Cuvée Rosé takes on and returns the “challenge” of great Italian sparkling wines worldwide via an oenological revisitation of this native Monferrato wine with a century-old traditions.
We like blazing new trails...those who seek, need not sit by and wait...those who smile are never bored... 

Area of production:
Castagnole Monferrato, Piedmont.

Vine training system:
low trained Guyot system with 9-10 buds on the fruiting cane.

Grape variety:
100% Grignolino in pureness.

innovative rosè method, brief contact of must with marc (approx. 18 hours).
Method sparkling Martinotti-Charmat. Innovative and exclusive wine on the vine Grignolino.

maturation in stainless steel tanks and subsequently in the bottle positioned vertically for at least 6 months.

light pink that turns rose colored after the first 10-12 months in the bottle.

floral and delicate with distinct aromas of strawberry pulp and raspberry.

Visual presentation:
Excellent “fizz” with good persistence of a delicate crown. Fine, persistent and non-stopping perlage.

extremely fresh and dry, subtle and lingering, velvety.

Spumante campana 750 g - Limited edition - uvag color.

Diam 30.5×48

Sizes avaible:
Bottle Magnum 1.50 L.
bottle 0.75 L.

from 11.50 to 12.50 degrees according to year.

Total acidity:
6.2-6.4 g/L.

Residual sugar:
11-15 g/L.

Dry extract:
20-23 g/L.

download the tech sheet of the brochure as .pdf

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Winery visits are possible Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 am and from 1 pm to 5 pm.
On Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 18 pm.

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