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Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato D.o.c.g.



For generations the Enrico Riccardo Morando family believes and invests in the Piedmontese viticulture and for years has been passionately dedicated to promoting the indigenous Ruchè. Thanks to this important commitment and continuous study here it come the idea by FRANCO MORANDO about the VEGAN Ruchè version. To produce a VEGAN WINE, the use of all forms of derivative products of animal origin has been banned as for example egg albumin or lysozyme from egg and of course casein. Montalbera leads to birth their VEGAN RUCHE’ directly from the vineyard, with innovative methods of fertilization without using substances by animal origins. The “Technology Adjuvants “ at the end of fermentation are removed. After carrying out their action these substances normally added settle on the bottom of thetank and are then removed from the wine. Obviously, in the VEGAN WINES production, both in the packaging and for the labeling are used natural glues.

The Ruchè Castagnole Monferrato DOCG VEGAN certification is issued by SGS ITALY – STP 005/218 and WE ARE THE FIRST TO CERTIFY “VEGAN” THE RUCHE’ WINE. Again Montalbera acts as an innovator – pioneering and scientifically active also in VEGAN segment.

Innovation is everything. When you are at the frontline you can see which will be the next necessary innovation. ( F.M. )

Area of production:
Castagnole Monferrato, Piedmont.

Vine training system:
low trained guyot system with 9-10 buds on the fruiting cane.

Grape variety:
100% Ruchè di castagnole monferrato in pureness.

traditional red method with pomace soaking for 8 days in the must. During the vinification no animal origin additives are used.

maturation in stainless steel tanks and subsequently in the bottle positioned horizontally for at least 3-4 months. Longevity of 3 to 6 years. No animal origin additives are used in any phase.

medium intensity gaudy-red with slight violet reflections when young, tending to garnet after fining.

intense, persistent, half-aromatic, fruity with hints of rose petals and violets in the first years, developing spicy notes over time. In particulare white pepper and incense.

warm on the palate, harmonious, good body and balance, slightly tannic. Long lasting taste and aromatic final.

noble bordeaux 500 g – Uvag green color.

Cork 26×45 single piece.

Formats available:
Bottle Matusalem 5 L.
BottleMagnum 1,50 L.
Bottle0,75 L.
Bottle0,375 L.

from 13 to 14 degrees according to year.

Total alcohol by volume:
12.5 degrees.

Total acidity:
4,6-5,5 g/L.

Residual sugar:
3-4 g/L.

Dry extract:
28-30 g/L.

download the tech sheet of the brochure as .pdf

Winery visits

Our Wine Shop is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 am and from 1 pm to 5 pm.
Saturday and Sunday is open from 10 am to 18 pm.
Winery visits are possible Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 am and from 1 pm to 5 pm.
On Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 18 pm.

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