Typical Ligurian Liqueur

Typical Ligurian Liqueur Basanotto

Basanotto is a fresh and aromatic liqueur: the citrus scents of Chinotto di Savona (Liguria) and lemon peels combine with the herbaceous notes of sage and basil completed by a velvety and persistent minty finish.

The typical taste and aromas of the best ingredients from Liguria: organic grain alcohol, cane sugar, DOP Genoese basil, sage, chinotto Slow Food presidium of Savona, lemon peel, mint, in mineral water from the Fonte Bauda di Calizzano.

Basanotto is a liqueur that can be served either straight with/without ice or with our Cuvèe Blanche Extra Dry. It is excellent for use in the preparation of many cocktails as it goes very well with rum or tequila. It can be stored in the fridge before being enjoyed, while it is not recommended to put it in the freezer because if it is too cold it risks losing all the nuances of flavor given by the richness of the Ligurian raw materials with which it is made.

The distribution project was born from the friendship of Franco Morando with Andrea Vacca and Andrea Falzone, agency representing Montalbera wines for Genoa and province. Their enlightenment to create a product of such excellence linked to the historicity of Ligurian productions meant that Franco fell in love with this unique and precious nectar and asked for the possibility of including it in the Montalbera product sales catalogue.

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