Climate changes originated by man are defined as alterations of the atmosphere and hydrosphere of Planet Earth, but this also means, however, that the climate is a responsibility of all of us and it is possible to influence it with concrete actions; it is not an impossible prospect but rather good news, just invest to change it for the better. We have a power, let's use it! How? By limiting waste and above all by choosing energy sources that do not impact the environment.
We at Montalbera " in our small way " try to support the environment as much as possible. Sustainability is now an essential strategy. It must be part of our everyday life:less waste, more efficiency. More respect for the environment, more protection for our civilization. For every sector of our existence, for every season of our life, we find keywords linked to a sustainable lifestyle. 
The circular economy closes the life cycle of products and minimizes waste. On the one hand, renewables do not harm the planet, on the other we recover the economy of our grandparents: what is already there is already enough and what is left over is given a second life.

Our choices

SQNPI Qualità Sostenibile

The national quality system of integrated production (SQNPI) was established with Law no.4 of February 3, 2011 (Article 2) with the aim of certifying agricultural and agro-industrial production, obtained in accordance with the integrated production standard which, the law itself defines: "The agri-food production system uses all the means of production and defense of agricultural production from adversity, aimed at minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals and rationalizing fertilization, in compliance with ecological principles , economic and toxicological " . The SQNPIits objective is to enhance the agricultural vegetable productions obtained in compliance with the regional regulations of integrated production. The Quality System is recognized at community level (EC Reg. 1974/2006). Integrated production (or agriculture) is a voluntary production system that is implemented in compliance with the technical standards required for each type of crop both in terms of defense against adversity and for all other agronomic practices such as fertilization and irrigation. A lifestyle that accompanies us in our daily choices, making us identify with the plant, with the earth, requiring us to eliminate particularly aggressive and impacting fertilizers for our vineyards. The harvest is completely “ done by hand"Cuddling;) our plants to the maximum to always improve us in quality and production. Our entire production chain is based on the "non-use" of products from animal origin, both directly from the vineyard and at the time of bottling.


The procurement of wood is complex and we must carefully follow the path that the products make from the forest to the shelf. Behind every brochure therefore, is the story of the product and we work to ensure that it has been made with forest-based materials from responsible sources. All our brochures and labels make use of FSC MIX certified papers. FSC Mixed certification indicates that the wood or paper inside the product comes from FSC certified material, recycled material and / or controlled wood (not less than 70% certified and / or recycled materials).Controlled Wood is a separate category of the FSC system: although it is not FSC certified, controlled wood cannot be illegally harvested; harvested in violation of traditional rights and indigenous peoples; harvested in forests where high conservation values ​​(HCV) are threatened; harvested in forests that are converted to plantations or for non-forest use; harvested in forests where genetically modified trees are planted.


It is known that the greatness of a wine now also passes through the traces that its supply chain leaves in the environment. Montalbera knows this well, and for this reason he chose to start from the cork, thanks to a certificate provided by Amorim Cork Italia. Amorim, thanks to the unrivaled credentials of cork, has decided to certify the amount of CO2 absorbed by its products. A real value, which makes these corks precious allies of the supply chains in which they are inserted, enriched by the recognition of "VIVA - Sustainability of wine" of Amorim credits in reporting the CO2 of each bottle. The sense of Respect for Nature is an indispensable and necessary goal, especially in recent years, in which there is a strong need for beautiful and morally shareable things.


Montalbera, in the year 2020, saved 163.2 tons of CO2 with the use of Amorim Cork Italia caps, because we seek sustainability throughout our supply chain. 

Water is a precious asset that we want to preserve.

Attention to the environment and the direct impact of Montalbera's operations and its supply and distribution chain are issues that are important to our company. Among the companies with innovative production processes, Montalbera certainly offers services that have a positive environmental impact. Among these, the recent collaboration with Wami is a source of pride.

WAMI is a brand that has the mission of guaranteeing everyone the right to drinking water. Whoever buys WAMI with each product donates 100 liters of drinking water to those who do not have access to it, helping to finance the implementation of water projects.


In addition, non-drinking water from irrigation canals or shallow wells is used in all the drains of the Montalbera winery.